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I made this site as a way to claim a little section of the Internet for myself again.

Social media demands attention while also never letting you actually focus on what you see. I hope I can rest a bit here.

Idk what I’ll do yet, but I greatly respect the creativity of personal sites here on Neocities, and the little gems and stories people hide. I’d love to add some of my own. :)

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Saw Godzilla Minus Zero

Godzilla Minus One was masterful, a truly beautiful and heart-wrenching film, very much in the vein of the original while managing not to be a retread of it. Minus One is slow and weighty with its pacing and presentation and balances the human story with the action perfectly. Its cast of characters are alive and lovable, and I truly cared for them and their outcomes, much more than both Legendary Godzilla’s and Shin Godzilla’s cast. Its story is one you can guess but it does it outstandingly. However, I do think I liked Shin as an experience more. Its writing and direction are so sharp and snappy, it was a visceral experience from start to finish in both the action and the human drama. Shin’s cast, while not being as invested in them on a personal level, was still gripping to watch, and the humor of the writing sat so nicely against the carnage of Godzilla. Shin Godzilla’s design is horrifying and the radiation breath scene is still the best Godzilla scene put to screen. The soundtrack also stands out in my mind to this day. The whole film is wired so perfectly it feels like a bomb, while telling such a relevant and hard hitting story and critique of Japanese bureaucracy that no one expected while wrapped in the Godzilla skin. Minus One’s story is powerful while returning its focus to war and the effect on Japan and its people, as the original once did. As such It is very much a “pure” Godzilla film, so I can agree that it’s the best since the original; Whereas Shin is so wholly unique and genius in how it updates the Godzilla story for the world today that I think it’s the quintessential “modern” Godzilla for this era’s audience. Shin Godzilla = Godzilla evolved while carrying the OG’s spirit. Godzilla Minus One = The Godzilla spirit reborn.

Additionally, I saw Minus One with the Cinemark XD D-Box rumble seats and it was pretty cool actually. Idk how it’d be for other films, but it worked very nice for this film. Was there when it needed to be, gone when it wasn’t, and added a nice exciting layer to the film, acting like a physical extension of the sound. Wasn’t sure if it’d be distracting or pointless, but I can recommend it for this film at the very least.

Site Launched

No point in continuing to tweak this site to no tangible difference or improvement. So here it is. It may change at some point. It may disappear entirely. But it's here for now. GLHF.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

Saw Dial of Destiny. Was much too long, especially the intro sequence, and overall kinda boring. The writing was simple and plot was straight forward, which didn’t help, and the action sequences were repetitive, limited I’m sure by what Harrison Ford’s could do. However, it did feel like everyone cared about the film they were making. There was almost no remember me nostalgia bait, and it felt like its own movie — just a straight up adventure flick, which was refreshing considering so many franchise films are either semi-remakes or too tied to their previous entries to be their own thing. Was also nice seeing Harrison Ford act, with a range of emotions too. Him in this vs the Star Wars sequels was like watching two different people. The film’s final sequence was also super fun and I would have loved to see a shorter, tighter movie maybe more honed in on that. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend seeing this in theaters unless you go with people, but is worth a watch at home if you want to toss on a movie while you hang out


As I piece together this site using a basic html template, I find myself split between a preference for clean design and simplicity in function, and the desire to build a creative site full of details play with. A simple, unflavored text file with images feels so purposeful and refreshing compared to modern website design. But at the same time, the 90s/00s style of personal sites filled with digital knick-knacks has such a distinct personality and heart that doesn't exist in the social media landscape. A digital version of the classic conflict between living light and freedom in the limited, and the comfy, heartfilling room of cluttered bookshelves full of stories.

The simple linkhub section of the site is boring, but I love its starkness. However, I want the personal blog section to feel handmade. I think once I learn more, I'll scrap this layout for the blog section of the site and go for something more creatively viable. Might be more jank, but I want to have fun with it. Will keep this john-doe setup in the meantime while I actually learn how to put together something functioning from scratch.




I'm happy with the "link hub" section of the site, but not sure I like this blog layout. Mostly because it's a bit bland for customization, and being a single html file makes it not the most effiecient for journal updates. For the moment though it works, hopefully I can put together something nicer later on.

Awaiting The Collapse Of All That I Am

it eats at it, picks away at the soul like a rusted nail chiseling out all that is right, leaving a cloud of dust settled like a suffocating film. Choke and gasp for relief and then pretend the hole isn't there

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